Photo contest “Focus on Tea”

Submit for the WorldTeaMuseum’s international photo contest and get a chance to participate in an exhibition, great prizes and a place in the future museum!

The WorldTeaMuseum organizes its first exhibition “Focus on Tea”. This  is a photo exhibition, organized in close collaboration with the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, which will take place in Café Abel in the center of Leiden, The Netherlands, in winter/spring 2023.

In order to make “Focus on Tea” a success, we organize a photo contest, in which the interaction between people and tea is central. You can submit a maximum of 3 photos. Find inspiration by tea leaves, tea shops, tea production, tea plantations, tea cultures, tea sets, or capture your own beautiful tea moment in the camera. Your submitted photo will be judged on technical aspects, composition, unity, interplay of lines, layering, visual language, style elements, composition, choice of subject, aesthetics, interaction with the viewer and the “WOW!” effect.

The jury is composed of members from the WorldTeaMuseum, the National Museum of Ethnology,  the local press and politics.

By participation, you support the World Tea Museum. If you submit, you make your photos available for our collection building and for our means of communication. This, in turn, will make more means available so that we can organize more exhibitions in the future. We are highly grateful to all participants for their contribution as they actively support our work.

Submit your photo, preferably in high resolution, to wereldtheemuseum[at] Describe the photo by answering who, what, where and when. The closing date is January 15, 2022.

The best photos (max 15) will be selected for the exhibition and featured in our newsletters (of course with your name and photo description). The top 30 will be temporarily presented on our website.

In addition, we award three prizes for the best photos. The three best photos will be granted a special place during the exhibition and will be highlighted on our website. You will receive an (online) invitation to the opening of the exhibition and a voucher from a tea specialty store worth respectively EUR 100, EUR 75 and EUR 50 for the first, second and third prize.

Photo contest rules

1. Anyone can participate in this photo contest.

2. There is a maximum of 3 submissions per participant. Only 1 photo can be nominated for the exhibition.

3. The photo is not heavier than 5MB and is delivered in JPEG format.

4. Photo editing is allowed to a limited extent, such as making crops, adjusting sharpness, brightness, contrast, highlight, shadow and white balance. Brushing away dirt and stains is also allowed. Adding texts or passe-partouts, cloning and compositing (cutting a photo and placing it in another photo) are not allowed.

5. Members of the jury and employees of the WereldTheeMuseum are excluded from participation.

6. The selection process is anonymous.

7. The winners will be notified by e-mail about the result. The results will also be announced on the website of the World Tea Museum.

8. There is no discussion about the result.

9. By participating in the photo contest, the participant grants the WereldTheeMuseum the right to use the image for all means of communication and exhibition of the WereldTheeMuseum (such as the website, social media, newsletters, press releases, books and magazine, press releases, annual report and brochures published by the WereldTheeMuseum). The name of the photographer is always mentioned upon publication.

10. If the persons portrayed are recognizable in the image, the WereldTheeMuseum will request written permission from those involved for the use of the photo as stated under point 9.

11. The participant indemnifies the WereldTheeMuseum against claims from third parties who claim to be copyright holders and against claims from those portrayed.

12. Submitted photos cannot be withdrawn from the competition.

13. Submitted photos will not be returned.

14. Nature and culture are not disturbed when photographing.

15. Offensive photos will be disqualified.